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About Notehack

Notehack v1.1.0
© 2013 Sean Laurvick

Notehack started off as a programming exercise. The task I set myself was to duplicate all the wonderful functionality of Clippy in "pure" JS, e.g. without using jquery or AJAX or anything else.

I don't know about you, but whenever I play Nethack I tend to have a lot of browser tabs open. There's Clippy, of course, but also the Darrow/Corbett corpses spoiler, the wiki, and usually one or two others. So I thought to myself, "Self... why isn't there an easy-to-use page that has all of these things, and maybe more?"

Thus was the expansion from a simple Clippy clone to what is now Notehack. Notehack's data tables are (mostly) taken directly from the source code, which I parsed with regex to translate the data into JS arrays. It was definitely not the easiest way to go, but it works well at runtime and is easy on the server.

Notehack uses Javascript and CSS with (mostly) HTML5 conventions. All of my libraries were written by me: no jquery or anything else, here. Everything was written and edited with Notepad++ and stored on a USB flash drive.

None of my Javascript code has been truncated, locked, hidden, or obfuscated in any way, so if you care to learn more about Notehack or how it was cobbled together, have a look. I only ask that if you use my code you at least throw me a footnote or something. Credit where credit is due, and all that. Speaking of which...